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La moto i el seicar al taller i el teu a la lluna. «Visc sense viure en mi»...[[File:sMirC-wtf.svg|20px]] --[[Usuari:Latemplanza|Latemplanza]] ([[Usuari Discussió:Latemplanza|discussió]]) 21:00, 22 ago 2019 (CEST)
== Invitation from WAM 2019 ==
[[File:WAM logo without text.svg|right|200px]]
Hi WAM organizers!
Hope you are all doing well! Now it's a great time to '''[[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2019#Communities_and_Organizers|sign up for the 2019 Wikipedia Asian Month]]''', which will take place in November this year (29 days left!). Here are some updates and improvements we will make for upcoming WAM. If you have any suggestions or thoughts, feel free to discuss on [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month 2019|the meta talk page]].
#Please add your language project by 24th October 2019. Please indicate if you need multiple organisers by 29th October.
#Please update your community members about you being the organiser of the WAM.
#We want to host many onsite Edit-a-thons all over the world this year. If you would like to host one in your city, please [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2019/Onsite edit-a-thon|take a look and sign up at this page]].
#Please encourage other organizers and participants to sign-up [[:m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Asian Month Organisers|in this page]] to receive updates and news on Wikipedia Asian Month.
#If you no longer want to receive the WAM organizer message, you can remove your username at [[:m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Asian Month Organisers|this page]].
Reach out the WAM team here at the [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month 2019|meta talk page]] if you have any questions.
Best Wishes,<br />
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