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Etiqueta: MassMessage delivery
Etiqueta: MassMessage delivery
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== WAM Postcard collection ==
Dear organiser,
Thanks for your patience, I apologise for the delay in sending the Google form for address collection. Please share [https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScoZU2jEj-ndH3fLwhwG0YBc99fPiWZIfBB1UlvqTawqTEsMA/viewform this form] and the message with the participants who created 4 or more than 4 articles during WAM. We will send the reminders directly to the participants from next time, but please ask the participants to fill the form before January 10th 2019.
Things to do:
#If you're the only organiser in your language edition, Please accept your article, keeping the WAM guidelines in mind.
#Please report the local Wikipedia Asian Ambassador (who has most accepted articles) [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Ambassadors|'''on this page''']], if the 2nd participants have more than 30 accepted articles, you will have two ambassadors.
#Please update the status of your language edition in [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Status|'''this page''']].
Note: This form is only accessed by WAM international team. All personal data will be destroyed immediately after postcards are sent. If you have problems accessing the google form, you can use [[:m:Special:EmailUser/Saileshpat|Email This User]] to send your address to my Email. Thanks :) --[[:m:User:Saileshpat|Saileshpat]] using [[Usuari:MediaWiki message delivery|MediaWiki message delivery]] ([[Usuari Discussió:MediaWiki message delivery|discussió]]) 22:15, 19 des 2018 (CET)
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