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| lloc = ''Catalan International View''
| data = Hivern 2010-2011
| refs = <ref>{{ref-publicació|cognom=Piquer|nom=Eva|títol=Mònica Terribas: 'TV3 is a normal TV station for a country that wants to be normal'|publicació=Catalan International View|data=Winter 2010-2011|pàgines=49-55|exemplar=Issue 8|url=http://www.international-view.cat/PDF/civ%208/civ%208%20M%C3%B2nica%20Terribas.pdf|consulta=25 gener 2016|format={{PDF}}|arxiuurl=https://web.archive.org/web/20160304124255/http://www.international-view.cat/PDF/civ%208/civ%208%20M%C3%B2nica%20Terribas.pdf|arxiudata=1457095375}}</ref>
|original = The problem of journalism nowadays is that the guidelines set by the media organisations are so strict that the journalists are turned into machines that make cloned products
|idioma = anglès