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== 27 Communities have joined WAM 2018, we're waiting for you! ==
[[File:Wikipedia Asian Month Logo v2.svg|right|200px]]
Dear WAM organizers!
Wikipedia Asian Month 2018 is now 26 days away! It is time to sign up for
'''[[:m:Wikipedia_Asian_Month_2018#Communities_and_Organizers|WAM 2018]]''',
Following are the updates on the upcoming WAM 2018:
* Follow the [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Organiser Guidelines|organizer guidelines]] to host the WAM successfully.
* We want to host many onsite Edit-a-thons all over the world this year. If you would like to host one in your city, please [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Onsite edit-a-thon|take a look and '''sign up''' at this page]].
* If you or your affiliate wants to organize an event partnering with WAM 2018, Please [[:m:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018/Event Partner|'''Take a look''' at here]].
* Please encourage other organizers and participants to sign-up in [[:m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Asian Month Organisers|this page]] to receive updates and news on Wikipedia Asian Month.
If you no longer want to receive the WAM organizer message, you can remove your username at [[:m:Global message delivery/Targets/Wikipedia Asian Month Organisers|this page]].
Reach out the WAM team here at the [[:m:Talk:Wikipedia Asian Month 2018|meta talk page]] if you have any questions.
Best Wishes,<br />
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